Big Apple Open

This weekend I took Nia ’18, Ajayla ’18, and Nakayla ’17, to the Big Apple Open tournament in Brooklyn.
 Ajayla had the best performance of the weekend placing 4th in her division and playing mostly 5 game matches. Nia showed tons of grit playing 3 matches in one day but losing to the eventual draw champion in her final match. Nakayla also had a tough seed and was booted by the eventual 4.5 women’s champ our very own mentor and supporter Olivia Tandon. Great tournament and lots of great squash, biggest highlight was the family support. Read more about the open on!
-Coach Sasha

Fine Dining with the Gentlemen of StreetSquash (Guys’ Night!)


StreetSquash’s JP Morgan Library was transformed into StreetSquash Bistro for our 2nd Annual Guy’s Night Etiquette Dinner. Roughly, twenty guys showed up for the food, lessons in etiquette, and most importantly the male camaraderie. Some students took it up a notch dressing to impress for the event.


We began the night with an introduction to proper etiquette and the importance of having etiquette at formal dinners, interviews and other social functions. The discussion was lively with students contributing their own thoughts and questions during the mini lessons of appropriate small talk, learning to tie a tie, and common dos and don’ts at a dinner table.  During the tie tying workshop, the students learned how to tie a half windsor compared to a full windsor knot. Kyrell showed off his skills by making a bow-tie out of a regular tie.

The rest of the night we ate and observed how the students on their interacted with one another.  The students were judged throughout the night on their small talk, clothing, tie tying ability and overall manners. Students helped themselves to rice, chicken and salad. As usual, not a grain of rice was left on their plates. A special thanks to goes to Jordano for sharing his expertise on etiquette. Overall, the night was a huge success with students being engaged and coming together for another great Guy’s Night.

Award Winners:


Best tie-tier: Kyrell ’16

Best dressed: Justin ’17 & Titus ’16

Best small talk: Ja-Yril ’17

Gentleman of the Night: Trevor ’17

Teams 2 and 3 Head to Albany

The trip to Albany went well! Edgardo and I took 15 students to SUNY Albany, Union College, Skidmore College, and Marist College. First stop on our trip was SUNY Albany, where we had an information session and then a great tour. The kids all loved it and want to go there. Following the tour, we got some lunch then headed to Union College which the kids didn’t enjoy as much. While SUNY Albany was rich in diversity and showed a lively student body, Union lacked in comparison. Afterwards we drove to Saratoga Springs to visit Skidmore College. Throughout the tour the students kept saying “that’s so Sasha;” regarding staff member Sasha’s proclivity for gender neutral spaces.
Following a delicious dinner after a long day of tours, we went bowling where my staff versus student winning streak was sadly broken by Joetta ’16. Losing an hour’s sleep led to some tough wake-ups Sunday morning, but we set off just about on time. Halfway back to the city, we visited Marist College. Thanks to a generous senior, our students got a brief tour of the campus, spoke about her major in Communications, and gave some advice about scholarships and handling professors. We had lunch in the dining hall (sushi and jello?!) before driving back to the city.
Thanks to Edgardo for chaperoning his first college prep trip!


March Alumni Spotlight: Anthony ’13

Alumni Spotlight: Anthony ’13


This month’s spotlight, Anthony ’13, is currently pursuing his Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Hostos Community College.

What has been your most challenging experience as a college student so far?

The most challenging experience I have faced so far as a college student is taking college level chemistry. As the semester started, I knew it was going to be a hard course. The material was very tough and the class went at a very fast pace. I wasn’t sure I was going to do well in the first semester and I was going into it with a negative mindset. However, knowing it was a class that was required for my major, and knowing it was within my ability to do well, I stepped up my game second semester. I started preparing during the winter break with a tutor so that I could be ahead of the game. It has been about a month since this semester started, and I can honestly say that I am learning way more than I did last semester. This experience has taught me that when you take the time to study, you’ll have a much higher chance of success.

As you start thinking about entering the professional world – what do you see yourself doing?

I am studying to become a mechanical engineer because I want to develop products and technology that will improve society and the lives of others. Although I am not sure which branch of mechanical engineering I would like to pursue, I would like to get experience through internships in the field that are hands-on. I’m interested in exploring the fields of automotive engineering or robotics.

Do you think you or someone you know would be a good person for Anthony to connect with to discuss his professional interests? If so please contact Assumpta for Anthony’s contact info!

February Alumni Spotlight: Rokya ’10

b8a201bf-cb94-474b-a9d2-7260c1a97eaeWhat have been some of your favorite moments at Bates College?
One of the most rewarding experiences at Bates was the opportunity to study abroad in Fortaleza, Brazil. I have also enjoyed the academic work and independent studies classes that Bates has to offer; two of my favorite classes included The Racialization of U.S. Institutions and Hip Hop: Race, Power, and Representation. I am proud of starting an entrepreneurship competition at Bates, and my work as a Diversity Outreach Coordinator at the Admission Department where I coordinate Bates Prologue, the diversity open house and overnight experience for high school seniors.

As you start thinking about entering the professional world – what do you see yourself doing?

After graduation I plan to challenge myself and begin working on skills that apply to entrepreneurship and start-up work. While I am open to any industry, I am most interested in small firms and startups. I want to explore positions in operations, project management, and strategy.

Do you think you or someone you know would be a good person for Rokya to connect with to discuss her professional interests? If so please contact Assumpta for Rokya’s contact info!

StreetSquash Heads to Pomfret

On Saturday, February 14th, a group of eight StreetSquash boys traveled to Pomfret, Connecticut to play against Eaglebrook and Pomfret.
Upon arrival, the StreetSquashers headed to Pomfret’s dining hall, where they were welcomed by squash coaches, Mr. Davis and Mr. Chase. The group had a quick lunch and headed to Pomfret’s eight-court squash facility, to face-off against Eaglebrook. Eaglebrook depth prevailed winning positions 5 through 7, but StreetSquash was determined to win positions 2 through 4. With the match tied at 3-3, it came down to the number-ones. Both StreetSquash and Eaglebrook boys gathered around the court to see the heated battle. StreetSquasher Trevor ’17 clinched the win with an 11-8 victory in the fifth game, giving Streetsquash the 4-3 win.
The second match of the day was against Pomfret, where Streetsquash captured another 4-3 victory winning positions 1 through 4. The StreetSquashers were congratulated for their hard work with delicious brownies and headed back to New York City feeling great about their victories. Special thanks to Pomfret JV squash coach Brad Davis for organizing the event and the Chase Family for the exquisite brownies and being great hosts.